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About us

I'm a secondary ICT Teacher and web applications developer from Exeter, UK. This site is no longer in use, but feel free to have a browse of what I used to work on, before I dedicated all my time to and other education sector web applications.

Who are BD Computers?

BD Computers, based in Exeter, Devon, design and create static web sites and dynamic web applications for small businesses and educational establishments. We take pride in our work so that the static websitesend product is exactly what is required by the user, no matter how big or small the project.

Static web sites

These sites are built knowing that their content will never need to change substantially. Examples might include a small business that would like to have a web presence, but simply wishes to display a bit about themselves, a list of their services and their contact details.

Those who would like more flexibility and be able to change their pages, will need a database driven, dynamic web application.

Dynamic web applications

These sites are built knowing that significant portions of a site will need to be changed regularly, or when there is a high level of user interactivity, usually providing some feedback to the owners of the website. There are few limits to what can be achieved with dynamic websitesdynamic web applications. If you've seen it on the web, we can do it. Some uses of dynamic web sites include;

Good examples build by BD Computers, are the Sidmouth RFC web site and the South West Teacher Training web site. We have also built a portal for the same teacher training establishment, and a testing system for school pupils.